Biotechnology is a fundamental area of applied science that utilizes living cells and cellular materials to create pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, environmental, and other products to benefit society.
Biotechnology is designed to provide specialized scientific learning along with skills training to help students explore various career paths in agriculture, health care, forensics, industrial processing, and environmental management. Students will be provided hands-on learning into the functioning of the biotechnology industry. Students will have to undertake an Industry Project in their final year of the program.
Our efforts are strengthened by collaboration with various National / International level Institutions and Multinational Companies, as well as visiting Scientists.
Healthy interaction with both academic professionals and Biotech industries
Placement at various industries and research institutes and also in Foreign countries
Work recent with upcoming areas and make research strength spans over diverse disciplines like Gene diversity, Biocontrol & Biofertilizer agents, PGPRs, Conservation of endangered species, Anticancerous activities, etc.

B.Tech Biotechnology
B.Sc Biotechnology

The objectives of the course

  • To develop a detailed technical understanding of the key methods used in the contemporary biotechnology sector.
  • To appreciate the techniques applied in biotechnology and advanced research.
  • To acquire and critically appraise new data arising from the use of these techniques and to interpret the implications of such data.
  • To develop an understanding of the commercial, financial and regulatory context in which the biotechnology sector operates.

Programme Outcome

The students of the programme would be benefitted from the core biology domains like Cytology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, etc along with Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Cell Culture, Immunology etc. This course would make the students adept in the structure and functions of microbes which in turn would give them the confidence to work in the Microbiology sector. Since the syllabus is on par with those of reputed Indian and International Universities the students get a highly competitive edge and would be competent for jobs in industries in the domains of pharmaceuticals, dairy, clinical research etc.

M.Tech Biotechnology
M.Sc Biotechnology