Placement & Training

Placement Cell

The Placement Cell of KSREI serves as an interface between the students and the corporate world. Apart from bringing various companies to the campus, the placement cell also organizes talks, study abroad seminars, internship opportunities and workshops for the collective student body.
In doing so, we ensure that we fulfill our primary focus of providing a helping hand to students in their initial step into the world of work, thereby creating a legacy. In our desire to be the best we have always believed in building everlasting bonds with our corporate partners. The excellence they say flows beyond boundaries and we at KSREI believe that the journey has just begun as we strive to scale new heights and in the process give a push start to the career of the student.

Placement Companies

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Placement Cell


Educate, and Inspire people to reach their Professional Goal. Create a Skilled eco-system to adapt to new challenges


Enrich the skillset for the student with various skill development program. Continuous support to enrich the skill for student through

Training Cell

Our training team aims at creating an ecosystem that ensures reduction in randomness and brings in behavioral change among students and faculties in a structured format. The importance of organization training is that it is considered as more of a retention tool than a cost. The training team works towards its goal by planning for various training activities through

Skill Development Series

Skill Development Series

A series of training programs for students to help them to fine-tune their technical skills and also in developing their interpersonal life skills.

Staff Development Unit

Staff Development Unit

A unit designed and constructed to support our faculty strength in sharpening themselves.

Skillsque Webinar Series

Skillsque Webinar Series

With a maxim of “Continual skill enhancement”, this series aims in preparing students for their placement and assist them in widen their thoughts about career.

KSR Bytes

KSR Bytes

A compilation of all the activities accomplished and interesting technical facts is published every month the training team to benefit students in exploring things happening inside the campus.