Students Desk

General Regulations

1. The working day is divided into two sessions, the forenoon session of 4 periods and the afternoon session of 2 periods. Attendance is marked at the commencement of the class. Latecomers, therefore, though permitted to attend class by the teacher concerned, will not be given attendance.

2. Every student must have the prescribed textbooks, laboratory records, dissecting instruments, etc.

3. No student shall absent himself/herself from classes without the prior permission of the respective institution Heads.

4. Students must have a minimum of 85% attendance to be permitted to write the examinations. Leave application will be accepted only if the actual attendance is above 75%.

5. Students who are absent from classes for 2 weeks or more at a stretch without the permission of the respective heads obtained in writing, will be considered to have left the Institution.

6. Students remaining absent for more than 2 days for any reason (personal,
co/extracurricular activities) have to submit the leave form duly signed within ten days of the leave period.

7. When the absence is caused by unforeseen events, application for leave must be submitted to the respective heads as early as possible and certainly no later than 3 days after return to the institution.

8. Application for leave of absence may be rejected by the respective if he is not satisfied with the genuineness.

9. If the application for leave of absence is accepted, the student will be issued a form, which she/he has to fill in and get the number of periods engaged during a leave of absence along with the signature of the teacher concerned. The duly filled in form along with the original leave letter is to be submitted back to the respective institution’s heads within 3 days after the leave letter has been accepted.

10. Tests are held periodically in every subject. Attendance cum progress report of the examination will be given to the student. Students are responsible to show their report to their parents.

13. Students are forbidden to organize and attend any meeting within the institutions or collect money for any purpose or to circulate among the students any notice or petition of any kind or paste it on the institution’s notice board without the written permission of the respective institution’s heads.

14. Active participation in politics not compatible with the academic life of students and as such students are not expected to indulge in public activities, which are of a political nature.

15. Students will not be permitted to make complaints in a body or present any collective petition but are welcome to present their case, if any, either individually or through their proper representatives.

The Student Welfare Office provides a platform for students to exhibit their skills and talents. It is a forum, where through the mode of cultural activities, like-minded people meet each other, exchange ideas and develop into better human beings.

KSREI find the students talent which is normally held at the beginning of the
academic year, help to identify fresh talent who represent KSREI in stage, literary, art and theatre events at various State, National and International competitions.

In-bloom, a national level or Intra- college cultural fest and Blossoms, an inter-deanery cultural fest conducted in the even semester, provides students an opportunity to exhibit their skills and talents and help students to develop leadership and management skills.

Students interested in any of the above-mentioned activities can be a part of SWO. They are given training in various disciplines, to help them function effectively. The volunteers assist in organizing various events right from Inauguration to Graduation Day and form the “back-bone” of the KSREI. The cultural team, participates in numerous fests, bringing many laurels and are literally the “face” of the KSREI.

SWO can be connected to for any query or visit